Learning Objectives

After participating in this module, students should understand the following:

  1. Understand what is a steroid
  2. Understand the definition of ‘anabolic’ and ‘androgenic’
  3. Understand the concept of a lipophilic molecule
  4. Understand the difference between passive and facilitated diffusion
  5. Understand the concept of hormone receptors and where in a cell they are located
  6. Understand how proteins pass through a nuclear membrane
  7. Be able to describe the structure of DNA
  8. Understand the process of gene transcription, how it can be “turned on”
  9. Understand the process of protein synthesis
  10. Be able to identify parts of a muscle cell; understand how muscle contraction occurs
  11. Understand the role of the liver and the kidney in eliminating compounds from the body

This module integrates information from the following areas: cell biology, endocrinology, chemistry, physiology, sociology, sports.