The Impact Investor: Lessons in Leadership and Strategy for Collaborative Capitalism is a hands-on resource that details the practices and performance of a new class of savvy investors delivering positive social and environmental outcomes alongside competitive financial returns. The book is accessible to business and financial professionals at all levels and highlights a new form of economic leadership that is more cross-sectoral, transparent, and outcomes-oriented, and in which impact investors excel. The authors offer investors, financial advisors, corporate leaders, foundations, policymakers, and students the tools needed to engage in a generational shift to a new era of Collaborative Capitalism.


The Impact Investor reveals the types of investments that can be profitable and impactful for individuals and the strategies that will enable asset managers to succeed. It also provides an unprecedented level of detail on innovative structures and approaches of impact investing funds, providing invaluable guidance for financial institutions on how to create impact investment products or include them in client portfolios.


Foundations will discover innovative ways that for-profit and non-profit investors can partner to amplify the potential impacts of philanthropic and market-rate investments. Public sector officials and policy advocates will learn how government is harnessing the power of capital markets to pioneer innovative new solutions to social and environmental challenges. In addition, the authors include essential advice on the way business is — and must be — responding to a new generation of Millennial clients and customers focused on a more sustainable form of blended value creation in all aspects of their lives.


Designed as an informative and practical resource, The Impact Investor highlights strategies for making sound impact investments, offers illustrative case studies, and presents concrete lessons that will build skills and enhance prospects for professional and organizational success.  The book is a resource for a variety of players in finance and business, including:


Investors: It demonstrates not only the types of investments which can be profitable and impactful, but also details best practices that, with roots in impact investing, will increasingly play a role in undergirding the success of all investment strategies.


Wealth advisors/financial services professionals: With unprecedented detail on the innovative structures and strategies of impact investing funds, the book provides guidance to financial institutions on how to incorporate these investments in client portfolios.


Foundations: The book explores the many catalytic and innovative ways for for-profit and non-profit investors to partner, amplifying the potential social and environmental impacts of philanthropic spending and market-rate endowment investment.


Business students: By including strategies for making sound impact investments based on detailed case studies, it provides concrete lessons and explores the skills required to enhance prospects for success as a finance and business professional.


Policy makers: Reinforcing the urgency of creating a supportive and enabling environment for impact investing, the book demonstrates ways policy has already shaped the sector, and suggests new ways for policymakers to support it.


Corporate leaders: The book includes essential advice on the way business is and must be responding to a new generation of Millennial clients and customers, with unique insights into a form of value creation that is inherently more collaborative and outcomes-driven.