Walking Reflections


The folks over at CREDO (the Episcopal clergy health offering) have developed a creative and meaningful companion guide for a 30-day walking program.  Along with an introductory and closing piece, “Walk and Be Well” includes 28 reflections to accompany a daily walk (pace and distance of your choosing).  You can download these 7-10 minute long fit_walk_225reflections onto an mp3 player and listen as you walk, or you can read them as motivation before you exercise.  Topics include meditations on the human body, the multi-dimensional benefits of exercise, the spiritual implications of pursuing health, and other inspiring words to get you moving.

Walk and Be Well can be done individually, but it seems like it also might work really well for partners or small groups.  Let us know if you give it a try.

-Katie Huffman

Image courtesy of Health Magazine, via Creative Commons

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About Katie Huffman

Katie is a Wellness Advocate with the Clergy Health Initiative. She has an undergraduate degree in History and French and a Masters degree in Gerontology; prior to her current position, Katie worked as a social worker in a retirement community in Chapel Hill. Outside of work, she enjoys gardening, spending time outdoors, baking, and hanging out with her husband, Noah, their daughter, Ada, and two kitties, Grady and Gracie.

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