Long Expected


Long expected.

It’s a phrase that often escapes my notice, even in a season wholly given to advent and waiting. Yet, I was reminded by this video that Jesus’ being “long expected” was and is, perhaps, one of the most important qualities of his coming. He is the culmination of the Great Story and Good News of redemption and faithfulness in the world. Whole lives were dedicated to pointing to His coming. They were expecting Him.

I was reminded of just how many stories happened in anticipation of Jesus’ arrival when someone showed me this video over the weekend. I hope that you can treasure the visual and audio experience of waiting. I hope it can serve as an encouragement to you as you wait, as you expect, as you count on God to be faithful in this season.

He is the fulfillment. He has come and He will come again.

Ellie Poole

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Ellie is a Wellness Advocate at the Clergy Health Initiative. A native of Durham, she attended Wake Forest University, where she majored in History and Secondary Education. Additionally, Ellie has experience researching the Church's care for those with mental illnesses. She loves reading, running (outside!), NCAA basketball, and good coffee.

2 thoughts on “Long Expected

  1. AWESOME video Ellie…………..THANK YOU for confirming the VALUE of visual arts in touching hearts, minds and souls!!!

    Abundant blessings, Elaine

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