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We began our Spirited Life Group 2 Fall Workshops with a group practice of lectio divina.  After one of the workshops, a pastor mentioned to me that he really appreciated this opportunity because hearing Scripture read aloud by someone else tends to be a rare occurrence.

The pastor also shared that he had recently come across a smartphone app that affords him this opportunity whenever he wants to listen.  He can select a passage, press play, and just listen as it is read to him.  This exercise has changed his prayer life because he can really meditate on the words and reflect on how God is speaking to him through the text.

In addition to the audio feature, the YouVersion Bible App also allows you to find Bible image app devotionals, search for keywords within the Bible, highlight and bookmark passages, and make notes for yourself. The app is available for most brands of smartphones, including iPhones and Droids.

-Katie Huffman

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Katie is a Wellness Advocate with the Clergy Health Initiative. She has an undergraduate degree in History and French and a Masters degree in Gerontology; prior to her current position, Katie worked as a social worker in a retirement community in Chapel Hill. Outside of work, she enjoys gardening, spending time outdoors, baking, and hanging out with her husband, Noah, their daughter, Ada, and two kitties, Grady and Gracie.

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