Holiday Challenge


The holidays are just around the corner!  While the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas are usually filled with joy and merriment, they can also be filled with extra calories and less time for exercise.

This year, to help you keep your waistline in check (did you know that the average adult gains 1-5 pounds during the holidays and never gets these pounds back off?) consider signing up for the Maintain, Don’t Gain Holiday Challenge.  Sponsored by Eat Smart Move More NC, the Holiday Challenge runs from November 25-December 1 and encourages holiday challengeweight maintenance during the holiday season.  By signing up, you’ll get weekly newsletters with tips and recipes, have access to weight/activity tracking charts, and receive support and motivation from other participants.

Sign up for the Holiday Challenge here.

I signed up for the Holiday Challenge and have already found some great recipes that I hope to try soon.  Check out these: pumpkin spice latte and maple roasted sweet potatoes.

-Katie Huffman

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