meQuilibrium: An Innovative Stress-Management Program


The Duke Clergy Health initiative has been talking to pastors about their wellness for nearly six years now. One theme that comes up regularly in these conversations is stress. We know that pastors juggle many responsibilities and expectations and are often asked to be present with people during their most trying moments. But what IS stress? Is it a feeling? Is it measurable? We know that stress is not experienced in the same way by every person: the circumstances that trigger the stress response in you are likely different from those that cause stress in those around you.

Earlier this year, we added a new tool for understanding and managing stress to our Spirited Life wellness program. It’s an interactive coaching system called meQuilibrium. This program caught our attention because of its highly-customizable, holistic, insightful approach and practical tools. Over the past few months, many clergy in Spirited Life have had the opportunity to take part, and we’re pleased to have negotiated a special rate that will enable any friend of Spirited Life to use the program at the highly reduced rate of only $10/year.


meQuilibrium starts with a comprehensive meQ assessment designed to evaluate your individual personality type, thinking patterns, habits, and lifestyle, and pinpoint the areas that create the most stress for you.

Based on your responses, you’ll instantly receive your stress profile – an in-depth analysis of not only where your stress is most pronounced, but how your unique thinking and lifestyle habits led you there.  The meQ program will then give you a personalized prescription of skills that will help you change your stress response.

To learn more about meQuilibrium and to sign up at a reduced rate, visit:

Caren Swanson

5 thoughts on “meQuilibrium: An Innovative Stress-Management Program

  1. I think I’m already signed-up in the mequilibrium program; so, I just want to comment on your recent post on dealing with stress. I’ve been a pastor for almost 40 years now; and, I’ve dealt with stress for as long. I think I’ve learned some ways of dealing with stress that works for me but it’s still hard. I appreciate your emails cause they give me a chance to disconnet for a short time. Thanks for what you’re doing to help us.

    • You’re very welcome, Pastor Nick! Thanks for commenting, and thank you for your service to the church. May your work be blessed.

  2. Would like to sign up but when trying to pay I’m not able to enter address information for my credit card. The option for state/province doesn’t list the Canadian provinces. Can you help?

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