Grandma’s daily meditations


My grandmother was a wise, exceptionally well-read, open-minded, grandmapragmatic, spiritual, anti-dogmatic woman whose car proudly bore a “Catholic Woman for Obama” bumper sticker in a heavily red-leaning part of Eastern North Carolina.

Madelon Leaman Hyman passed away in January 2011. A few of her mementos that I have held onto include that bumper sticker and a photocopy of three daily meditations that she kept taped up in her bathroom. These meditations are beautiful in their simplicity, and I read them daily.

I am sharing this one with you in the hope that it brings you the same peace and perspective that it brings to me:

Ever in my inmost being, eternal, absolutely one, whole, perfect, complete, indivisible, timeless, ageless, shapeless, without face, form or figure, is the silent presence fixed in the hearts of all wo/men.

Anonymous meditation

–Melanie Kolkin

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About Melanie Kolkin

Melanie is the Research Coordinator for the Clergy Health Initiative, and has a background in biomedical and public health research. She has an undergraduate degree in Comparative Literature from Emory University, where she pursued additional concentrations in biology, medicine, and psychology. In her spare time, Melanie enjoys hiking at the Eno River with her dog, Sailor, cooking, painting, cheering on the Green Bay Packers, and weekends at the beach in Emerald Isle.

2 thoughts on “Grandma’s daily meditations

  1. I have to leave the same situation. You need to share the most of them if you can Melanie or why not if they are good like the one you posted, publish them in a printing book

  2. The shorter a meditation and spiritual affirmation, the more powerful if often is. A very powerful meditation may simply be to open for God and remain open for God’s bliss and healing love or a short simple prayer for God’s love.

    The essential key to successful meditation is the inner attitude toward God and the readiness to love and get in peace with all world / all creation. Love is God’s innermost being – love is our own innermost being. If we are ready to love / forgive and reconcile above all in daily life, career, politics and family, the we find inner peace and start to feel God’s loving presence in our lives again.

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