It’s time to C E L E B R A T E !!!



Yes, it’s true! Come the last week of May, it will be ONE YEAR since we re-launched The Connection – our ongoing effort to provide information and inspiration for clergy pursuing wellness.

Since then we’ve brought you three posts weekly, connecting a variety of health-related topics to life in ministry. Over the past 12 months, we’ve offered book reviews, poems and prayers that inspire us, meditations, and research on the health and wellness of clergy and other professions.

We are passionate about bringing these resources to others who, like us, care about the life of the church and recognize the importance of holistic health. We are proud of all that we’ve accomplished, and we’re excited about the coming year. And we couldn’t have done it without YOU, our faithful readers!

sanctuary-of-the-soul-2So to celebrate, we’ve put together a month of fun! Every Monday in May, we’ll be offering a giveaway. First up: a copy of Sanctuary of the Soul, an incredible resource on the spiritual practice of meditative prayer by the wise Christian writer and teacher, Richard Foster! Check back on Monday for details on how to be entered to win a copy.

In the meantime, we need your help. Please consider taking a moment to find a post that was meaningful to you and share it with a friend whom you think would be encouraged or challenged by it. Some of our most popular this year include:

THANK YOU for reading, and let us know how you think the next year can be even better!

— Caren Swanson and the staff at the Clergy Health Initiative



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Caren is a former Wellness Advocate with Spirited Life who hails from a small town in the hills of NH, but currently lives in Durham, NC with her family. She enjoys growing, picking and arranging flowers, climbing the magnolia trees in Duke Gardens with her daughter Clara, and hosting potlucks with friends and neighbors.

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