How to Visit a Grave, and Good Friday


The Patheos blog, Good Letters, shared this guest post by writer Shannon Huffman Polson. Written as a list of 15 steps instructing the reader “how to visit a grave,” it speaks to real emotion and experiences that are pertinent to remember on this day, when we mark the descent of Jesus to the grave.

I also really loved this Good Friday prayer, below, from writer and Mennonite pastor Carol Penner.  May your day be blessed.


We come gingerly to prayer on this Good Friday
holding the pieces of our broken world.
So much is ruined and spoiled,
so much hatred and anger,
so many acts of violence.
Our eyes turn to the cross
as evidence of our sinfulness,
crucifying even the one who loved us most and best.

There is no talk today of who is greatest
no talk of triumph and victory.
Instead we stand quietly here at the foot of the cross,
joining the few friends who stand in silent witness.
In this solemn hour,
as we remember the death of our Saviour,
crack open all that is hard within us,
every place that is self-satisfied and self-serving,
every attitude that is superior and smug.

We come before you as your broken people,
penitent, sorrowful, anguished.
Our comfort lies in words spoken at death’s door;
Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.

–by Carol Penner

–by Caren Swanson

Image by flickr user 50%chanceofrain via Creative Commons.

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