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2290444953-1Like the needle on my record player (yes, I still listen to records — I inherited a great collection of 60’s and 70’s LPs from my parents!) sometimes I get stuck in a groove, and I need a little nudge to get me going again.

This morning I had just such a nudge.

My music-savvy brother-in-law alerted me to the fact that the music of Josh Garrels, one of his favorite artists, is being given away for free on the website Noisetrade.  I’m unfamiliar with his music, but people have compared him to other artists I enjoy, like Iron & Wine and Ray LaMontagne, and I’ve heard that he brings a refreshingly Christian perspective to his songwriting that adds depth and substance to his funky tunes. A reviewer for Christianity Today (who gave his newest album 5 stars) called him a “freak-folk singer-songwriter.” I have no idea what that means, but it sounds awesome!

I figure you can’t go wrong with free music, though you can make a donation for it if you’d like. All of the donations he collects this week  benefit the work of World Relief in Congo. Here’s a note from the website:

From March 14 to March 28, all 5 of Josh Garrels’ most current albums will be available for free, exclusively on Noisetrade. This free catalog of music is given as a gift, but 100% of the tips received for any and all of the 5 albums will be given to World Relief and their courageous work in Congo. Congo is currently the most unstable, violent, and impoverished country in the world, with thousands displaced due to warring factions and a majority of the women suffering from gender based violence. Please consider leaving a tip, and in so doing, becoming a partner in the work for restoration in Congo. Thanks.

To learn more about the crisis in Congo visit the World Relief website.

This felt like such a gift to me on this rainy and gray Durham morning — sometimes music is the perfect balm for a weary soul.  If you are moved by music, check out this great opportunity to nourish your soul and to contribute to good work being done in the world at the same time.

–Caren Swanson

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  1. Nooooo i saw your article to late 🙁 it is the 31st and i didn’t get to download the albums for free. I just discovered this artist thanks to your blog and i love his voice.

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