The dance


Every thought you think creates a biochemical equivalent in your body.  And that is why writing down things you appreciate is good medicine.  And so is truly owning how bad something feels.  That too moves energy and changes chemistry.
Health isn’t about denying your sadness or grief. Instead it’s a dance of feeling, releasing, appreciating.
How are you doing with this dance?

–Dr. Christiane Northrup

Dr. Christiane Northrup is one of my favorite proponents of holistic health and wellness, and when I came across this quote, it rang true to me.  While it is good to focus on the positive gifts in our lives, sometimes we need to sit with the hard things too.  I know that I need to be reminded of this dance today.

— Caren Swanson

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About Caren Swanson

Caren is a former Wellness Advocate with Spirited Life who hails from a small town in the hills of NH, but currently lives in Durham, NC with her family. She enjoys growing, picking and arranging flowers, climbing the magnolia trees in Duke Gardens with her daughter Clara, and hosting potlucks with friends and neighbors.

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