Get out of here!


I love going out into the woods this time of year.  Many of the leaves have drifted to the ground, giving the sunlight more room to reach the forest floor.

I find that my mind clears even as I’m stepping out of my car, and by the time I am away from the noise of any passing traffic, I am in another world, both externally and internally.  My breath settles into a calm rhythm as my feet find their pace, and I remember that I am a body as well as a mind.

The presence of my 7-year-old daughter turns these walks into treasure hunts, and we find all sorts of fairy houses, acorns, colorful leaves, mushrooms (don’t worry, we don’t disturb those!) and pine cones.  I see different things when I am with her, and I love the sight that comes with solitude as well.  Most of all, it is just good to get outside and get the “good tidings” of the woods.

Where do you find “nature’s peace” and the “freshness” of God’s creation?

Words and images by Caren Swanson

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