Meditate, Move, and Breathe Stress Away


Whether we’re concerned for a loved one’s health, rushing around because we’re late for work and can’t find those darn keys, or have a deadline looming, we all experience some form of stress every day.

To a certain degree, stress is an inevitable part of life, but how we approach and manage the things that make us anxious can make a big difference in the effect stress has on our well-being.

If you’re like me, you are eager to find relaxation methods but ironically find yourself stressed(!) about how long they might take. Well, my fellow relaxation seekers, I have good news!  It truly is possible to fit in one or two simple stress-relieving practices each day.

As I was looking through the Duke HR website this week, I came across a section with information on a few techniques that I found helpful — mindfulness meditation, relaxation poses, and breathing exercises. I also found a series of videos on YouTube that demonstrate three simple stretches you can do almost anywhere to help prevent or relieve stress and pain.

One of our wellness advocates also leads a session of simple chair exercises here.  After trying some of the breathing and stretching exercises, I will definitely be making them a part of my daily routine from now on.

Let us know if you try any of these relaxation techniques or would like to share some tips of your own!

Melanie Kolkin

(Photo by Flickr user Alan Cleaver)

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About Melanie Kolkin

Melanie is the Research Coordinator for the Clergy Health Initiative, and has a background in biomedical and public health research. She has an undergraduate degree in Comparative Literature from Emory University, where she pursued additional concentrations in biology, medicine, and psychology. In her spare time, Melanie enjoys hiking at the Eno River with her dog, Sailor, cooking, painting, cheering on the Green Bay Packers, and weekends at the beach in Emerald Isle.

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