Chair Exercises


At the 2012 Winter Workshops for Spirited Life, wellness advocates led participants in a series of chair exercises that targeted stretching of postural muscles along the spine and neck.  We performed these stretches in between afternoon sessions, and some of you reported that they helped you feel more alert during the post-lunchtime lull and appreciated the opportunity to stretch and move a bit after time seated during workshop activities.

We’ve had requests for the series of exercises and instructions and have put together the video of the exercises below.   If you prefer, you can also download an mp3 of the audio to have available whenever you need a break.

A dose of spinal stretching is just a click away! We hope you enjoy them.

Audio recording (available for download from iTunesU)

— Catherine Wilson


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About Catherine Wilson

Catherine is a Wellness Advocate with Spirited Life. Catherine has degrees in Physical Therapy and Public Health and has worked on projects domestically and internationally around developmental disabilities and community health promotion. In her spare time, Catherine enjoys running with her dog, visiting the North Carolina mountains with her husband, and reading in her back yard.

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