Minty Fresh Financials


Tracking financial commitments can be a challenge. 

Whether I’m tallying my spending, setting savings goals, or trying to stay on top of recurring payments, it’s hard to keep all the moving pieces in front of me.

Recently, however, I learned about the free internet service known as With the same security providers as online banking systems and 7 million users, Mint provides a huge array of budgeting, saving, spending, and planning tools.

Mint links to each of your individual financial accounts so that you can track your money from multiple banks, lenders, and accounts in a central location.

If you want to freshen up your financial fitness, check out this 90-second video that shows how might help.

– Ellie Poole


One thought on “Minty Fresh Financials

  1. Ellie, Thank you for sharing this with everyone. My husband and I have been using for several years now and it has really brought us a long way in managing our budget. I’m so glad you shared this with everyone!

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