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Now that most of us carry smartphones at all times and can hardly function throughout an entire day without our favorite device in hand, software developers have created an abundance of apps that allow us to plan and track our exercise and nutrition habits in real time.  Some of these apps, indicated below with double asterisks, are available as an internet-based service as well, so no smartphone is necessary.  Please note that this list is not exhaustive and that there are many more apps out there.  Let us know about your favorites!


Nike Training Club (free): offers workouts consisting of resistance, flexibility, and cardio exercises; provides videos and audio for instruction and motivation

iFitness (currently $0.99): provides workouts for your home or gym; allows you to focus your workout on target areas and includes detailed instructions for every exercise

Fitness Buddy (currently $0.99): includes exercises specific to target areas and exercise equipment; allows you to track your body metrics and fitness progress

Workout Trainer (free) **: provides thousands of exercises based on your area of focus: running, weightlifting, yoga, weight loss, etc; use with or without exercise equipment

JEFIT (free) **: keep track of and plan your weight lifting routines; winner of  2011 Best Fitness and Workout App – 2011 Best App Ever Awards

MapMyRun (free): keep track of your pace, distance, and location while you’re walking or running; you can also post your workouts to social media to let your friends see your progress


Naturally Slim (free): tracks daily food/fluid intake and weekly weights; includes a timer that reminds you take a break during your meals

Restaurant Nutrition (free): allows you to keep a food journal and find out the nutritional information of foods at your favorite restaurants

Calorie Counter by FatSecret (free) **: find nutritional information for the food you usually eat, and keep track of your daily calorie intake

Combo Nutrition and Exercise Journals

My Fitness Pal (free) **: a calorie counter and exercise tracker; includes a large food and exercise database to help you balance calories consumed with calories burned

Lose It! (free) **: set a daily calorie budget; adjust your food intake or exercise level to meet your goal

FitDay ($1.99) **: track your food and exercise habits; chart your progress daily, weekly, or monthly

Cronometer ($2.99) **:  track diet, exercise, and other health-related information

**also available as a free internet service

Katie Huffman

5 thoughts on “Exercise and nutrition apps

  1. I think all the apps in the MapMyWalk/Run/Hike/Fitness are linked but I personally use MapMyFitness. The nice thing about that one is that it lets me track a whole bunch of different activities, since I’m also involved in a weekly Ultimate Frisbee league.

  2. Dan, I’m not familiar with an app that does all of that exactly, but here are a few to check out because they include most of the features you listed: Livestrong.com; Cronometer, Spark People, and Cozi (this one is a family shared plan where you can keep track of the whole family’s schedule, activities, and meals).

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