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Together Facing the Challenge has had the pleasure of working with numerous agencies throughout the United States. Below you will find testimonials that share their experiences about using the Together Facing the Challenge model.

Since 2010, The Bair Foundation has trained and implemented the Together Facing the Challenge curriculum as part of its comprehensive treatment model. Through the use of well-defined strategies and interventions, staff and foster parents are equipped with effective tools in dealing with difficult behaviors and situations that could otherwise result in the possibility of displacement of the child from the home. The Bair Foundation has noted marked improvements of decreases in internal moves, along with fewer children being discharged out of care to more restrictive placements since TFTC implementation. Staff and families are now more confident and competent when dealing with difficult behaviors of children in care.

-Susan Miklos, D.B.A., Executive Director
The Bair Foundation

TFTC is an amazing tool and curriculum. Key aspects include #1) a train-the-trainer model, such that agencies can maintain fidelity regardless of staff changes over time and #2) a model that is adaptable and can be implemented within whatever other models, best practices, or current practices a state public agency or private agency currently engage. TFTC takes the field from wherever “you are” to quality, tested, applied evidence-based practice. Foster parents, private providers, and public child welfare agencies applaud this model.

-Laura Boyd, Ph.D., former National Public Policy Director
Foster Family-based Treatment Association

Our success story is one in which a foster parent, Nichole Alley, went above and beyond to not only assist the youth with transitioning to adulthood, but also considered her interests and things she wanted to do. The youth is a 17 year-old female who was not interested in the typical “after school programs.” Ms. Alley called around to her “contacts” in the city as well as researched several volunteer opportunities for the youth last summer. She confirmed/secured about 10 volunteer opportunities for the youth to participate in which included Boys and Girls Club (group leader), Old Navy, day care centers, and vet centers. Ms. Alley also created a check sheet that included all of the positive behaviors that a young adult should display while in a work setting. At the end of each day Ms. Alley made contact with the adult at each establishment and inquired about the youth’s behaviors/attitudes while there. In turn, Ms. Alley paid the youth for “working” based on the reports given. Ms. Alley came up with this plan completely on her own and the youth was able to respond very well.

-Kenyada Maye
Integrated Family Services

TFTC training helped me as a staff person to help a foster parent recognize “invisible suitcase” issues by not watching the obvious of what the youth was doing, but what the youth was saying. For thirty days this youth would not do Daily Check-ins, but now the youth looks forward to the Daily Check-ins as well as family time. Another foster parent called me about a youth that was having issues accepting his own culture. Through using the tools and examples from the TFTC training about “Welcoming Diversity,” the foster parent and the youth spend time each month learning about different cultures. Both are very happy.

-Jessie Britt, Case Manager
Youth Focus

Together Facing the Challenge has equipped our Placement Coordinators and Therapeutic Foster Parents with additional skills and techniques, as well as increased confidence, to appropriately manage behaviors, resulting in fewer behavior-based crisis calls and placement disruptions. Placement Coordinators and Therapeutic Foster Parents have increased their focus on self-care which is vital in providing optimal care for our youth. TFTC has helped to further our agency’s mission “to provide innovative quality service and supports that lead to growth and independence.” We are grateful to share in this partnership and will continue to implement these tools to combat the negative impact of trauma on foster youth.

-Jannie Scott, Clinical Director

   Touchstone Residential Services

Together Facing the Challenge has been an imperative part of our success as a foster family.Having continued support and training through the program has helped our family better support our foster children. We connect with other families who are able to provide us best practices that have worked in their homes, and we can share struggles and successes together. The training material is relevant and applicable to our daily lives. We’re so thankful for the support provided by our agency through Together Facing the Challenge.

-The Wingates, Foster Family
Raleigh, NC



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