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The diagram below serves as a visualization of TFTC’s certification process, from initial contact through the three-day training event. Click on select boxes, to learn more about that particular step!




Upon review, if TFTC team determines readiness, our team collaborates with agency staff to prepare them for moving forward with TFTC implementation.



As an approved participant in our program, each agency will receive a minimum of twelve months of consultation from the TFTC team. This year-long coaching period allows the TFTC team to provide ongoing support to staff as they incorporate the curriculum into usual care.

Click here to see more about TFTC’s post-3-day-training consultation process.

Click here to learn more about TFTC’s certification process.



The onsite training is critical for teaching all of the core components to agency staff. By training over three consecutive days, our team is able to disseminate the TFTC curriculum through abundant hands-on activities, informative videos, and a series of mini-lectures, all at a comfortable pace. Additionally, this period allows our team to get to know agency staff, field any questions or concerns regarding TFTC, and incorporate agency culture into the learning process. Lastly, the third day provides the opportunity for agency staff to add their own twist to the curriculum by participating in group presentations on what they’ve learned (click here to read a more detailed description of the Train-the-Trainer workshop and learn about the 3rd Edition Toolkit).

Upon completion of the training, staff should be adequately prepared to begin training foster parents (as well as other internal staff) on the TFTC model. The model provides 19 hours of training. In addition, each attending member will receive a personalized certificate to demonstrate their achievement in completing Train-the-Trainer workshop.


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