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The Three-Day Training


The Onsite Training program takes three full days.  After enrollment our trainers coordinate with agencies to offer an available date and determine a location. Factors to consider when scheduling this training include:

  • Finding a central location that will comfortably house all attendees.
  • Ensuring needed A-V equipment is available.
  • Determining meal options ahead of time to avoid confusion and delays during training.

In the weeks leading up to the training, the TFTC team will be available to answer questions regarding the program.  The trainers will schedule at least one teleconference during which they can assist the agency in training preparation. Prior to training the agency will receive a TFTC toolkit, 3rd edition, containing the electronic versions of the following:

In addition, details for how to duplicate & share the materials among agency staff will be included, as will a hard copy of the Together Facing the Challenge manual from which to model all printed copies.

The TFTC team will request a list of all participants attending the training event.



The Three-Day Training Event

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Over the course of the three days agency staff will become familiar with both the TFTC curriculum and their own agency and themselves as self-reflection & exploring different perspectives are key themes in the TFTC model of care.  For instance, many activities encourage participants to “step into the shoes” of a foster child in order to find the best solutions, which can reveal valuable insight for future direct practice.

Working in foster care can be incredibly fulfilling; it can also be emotionally taxing, causing daily routines to feel overwhelming. Another core element in TFTC is the importance of self-care, for staff and foster parents alike. Participants learn new strategies and perfect existing tools for self care management, such as how to re-energize after a stressful event, or how to prevent the stressful event from happening in the first place.

On the final day of training, participants give group presentations pertaining to one of the seven training sessions. This provides the opportunity for staff to demonstrate what they’ve learned, as well as add their own unique twist to the curriculum. After the closing celebrations, staff walk away with new tools and improved strategies to use in direct care settings, as well as a refreshed passion to help the foster care youth that they serve.

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