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Consultation Process

As an approved participant in our program, each agency will receive a minimum of twelve months of consultation from the TFTC team. We know that there can sometimes be barriers to effective implementation: this year-long coaching period allows the TFTC team to provide ongoing support to staff as they incorporate the curriculum into usual care.

The diagram below serves as a visualization of TFTC’s certification process, from the three-day training through the consultation period, ending with Certification.

Improving outcomes for youth in foster care is the main priority of Together Facing the Challenge.

Following the Three-Day onsite training, agencies will receive at least one year of implementation coaching from the Together Facing the Challenge team. This support period is an opportunity for our team and the agency to discuss implementation challenges as they arise and to find solutions to these barriers as a group. According to TFTC’s study conducted between 2011-2014, open communication between our program and agencies significantly improved program fidelity, as well as increased the rate of successful implementation.


Below is a diagram of the three stages of consultation. You can click on each box to learn more about each step.





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