TechExpo 2018

Call for Proposals due January 26

We need your heroic, informative, and possibly spooky stories about how to “Conquer your Fears” in technology for TechExpo2018. Let the horrors and triumph’s flow free.

Give us your best proposals.

Please submit abstracts (100-150 words) for a presentation, talk, lab, or poster presentation. You may do so at by January 26th.

Conquer your fears – TechExpo 2018

You have nothing to fear… except lurking viruses, creepy cyber-security threats, and botched hardware. But you are tough, you have fought technology demons, you have been to the “upside down”, and you can withstand the threats that Friday the 13th brings. Nothing scares you — especially not when TechExpo is back… on April, Friday the 13th, 2018. Save the date and bring your scariest moments and you will be victorious against technology evil. You can conquer your fears!