2012-2013 Fellows

SCassandra M. Butler
Intelligence Analyst
FBI, Tampa Division

Cassandra Butler joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 2005 as an intelligence analyst in the Las Vegas Division specializing in international terrorism analysis.  In 2007 she transferred to the Tampa Division and currently works out of the Fort Myers, Florida regional office.   Her primary focus is on both international and domestic terrorism issues related to the US Homeland.   Prior to joining the FBI, Ms. Butler was a strategic analyst at the Central Intelligence Agency for 10 years focusing on counterterrorism and energy security issues in the Middle East.   She completed assignments in the Counterterrorist Center, Office of Transnational Issues, and the Operations Center, and has traveled to several European and Middle Eastern countries in conjunction with her work.  Ms. Butler has received awards for analysis and leadership, as well as her work on several multi-agency task forces.   She graduated in 1996 with a BA in Economics from Hood College in Frederick, Maryland.

Significant Research Topic:  “Young, Muslim, American?  Identity and Radicalization among U.S. Muslim Males”



08-18-2013 07;23;15PMDerrel R. Martin
Special Agent
Memphis, TN

Special Agent Derrel Martin has served 15 years  in the FBI.  He began his career as a federal agent by serving five years in the Oklahoma City office investigating white collar crime and violent crime.  Subsequently, he has served ten years in the Memphis FBI Division / Cookeville, Tennessee office responsible for investigating white collar crime, violent crime, international terrorism, and domestic terrorism.  In his capacity as an agent, he has participated as an FBI Relief Supervisor, a SWAT Team Member; and a member of the Nashville, Tn. Joint Terrorism Task Force.  In 2009, Special Agent Martin served a tour embedded with the U.S. Army in Afghanistan.  He has been married for 26 years, and his son and daughter are both are still in college.

Significant Research Topic:  “Countering the Sovereign Citizen Extremist Movement”



COL Nathan B. H050013_scowcroft008unsinger, Jr.
Logistics Officer



Significant Research Topic: “Retaining Officer Talent: How can the US Army better manage and empower its talented officers for retention after they meet their initial active duty service obligation?”