Executive Education

Counterterrorism and Public Policy Fellowship Program
The Duke University Fellowship in Counterterrorism and Public Policy is designed to provide professionals in the national security and counterterrorism fields with an intensive educational experience that will enhance their understanding of the American policymaking process, empower them to operate more effectively at higher level leadership and staff positions, and deepen their understanding of and familiarity with the counterterrorism and national security issues they will likely confront in their careers. The fellowship will provide foundational instruction in national security studies and the policymaking process, as well as more directed courses in areas such as intelligence, national security and counterterrorism policy, and regional studies. The Fellowship fulfills the Senior Service Education (SSE) requirements for military officers and other U.S. national security professionals.  For more information, visit us at http://sites.duke.edu/tcths_fellows.  With any additional questions, contact director of the program, Tim Nichols.

UNC-IDB Strategic Studies Fellows Program
The TCTHS is a key partner to the UNC-IDB Strategic Studies Fellows Program (SSFP). The SSFP is designed to provide a unique leadership development experience to enhance the critical and strategic thinking skills and to increase the knowledge base of U.S. Military officers, federal government personnel, and private sector employees. This program provides broadening opportunities for high-potential and experienced company grade officers and mid-level defense sector employees to expand their understanding of national security, strategy, communications, business operations, technology, and change management. For more information on the IDB Strategic Studies Fellows Program click here.

Custom Programs
The TCTHS also develops custom short and medium length executive education programs for the armed forces and other agencies designed to meet the particular needs and specific requirements of these agencies. For more information on our custom programs, contact Tim Nichols.