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Report: Law Enforcement Assessment of Terrorist Threat

Triangle Center Director David Schanzer and UNC Professor Charles Kurzman present the data supporting their research on homegrown extremism.  The key findings of this working paper are: 1) Law enforcement agencies in the United...

Report: Muslim-American Terrorism Declining Further

This is the fourth annual report on Muslim‐American terrorism suspects and perpetrators published by the  Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security.  The first report, co‐authored by David Schanzer,  Charles Kurzman, and Ebrahim Moosa in early 2010,  also examined efforts by Muslim‐Americans to prevent  radicalization. The second report, authored by Charles  Kurzman and issued in early 2011, examined the  source of the initial tips that brought these cases to the  attention of law‐enforcement authorities. The third  report, issued in early 2012, focused on cases of  support for terrorism, in addition to violent plots. This  fourth report adds educational and occupational  information, as well as a comparison with Islamic  terrorism in Western Europe. To read the full report, please click here .