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Resources for PhDs

Webinar Series

The Online Seminar on Discrimination and Disparities features research related to the economics of discrimination and disparities.

The Workshop on Gender, Race and Entrepreneurship includes papers reflecting different working areas at the intersection of gender and entrepreneurship and a final panel looking at the future directions of research on gender, race and entrepreneurship.

The SIE Workshop showcases research on strategy, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

The Workshop on Entrepreneurial Finance and Innovation features research in entrepreneurial finance and innovation.


IPUMS USA collects, preserves and harmonizes U.S. census microdata and provides easy access to this data with enhanced documentation. Data includes decennial censuses from 1790 to 2010 and American Community Surveys (ACS) from 2000 to the present.

DISCERN: Duke Innovation & SCientific Enterprises Research Network. This database links patent data to Compustat firms (Arora, Belenzon and Sheer, 2020).

EEODataNet: Relevant resources for those interested in using EEOC data in their research.

The Entrepreneurship Database Program partners directly with entrepreneur support programs around the world to collect data and track venture progress over time.

The FIVES Project aims to accelerate and broaden the reach of research on strategy, entrepreneurship, and firm and industry evolution.

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) carries out survey-based research on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship ecosystems around the world.

The UK Data Service offers access to a range of datasets.


Stata Coding Guide by Julian Reif, University of Illinois

Social Science Programming by Alex Hanna, Google

Naming Files by Jennifer Bryan