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I will be joining ESMT Berlin in July 2021 as an Assistant Professor of Strategy and the Volkswagen Group Junior Chair for Diversity in Organizations. Here is my new website.

My main research interest lies in understanding the sources of persistent forms of gender inequality in the economy. I study the social and organizational processes that produce and perpetuate gender inequality in outcomes such as career advancement, wages, and participation in entrepreneurship. I am interested in understanding how gender norms and stereotypes emerge and evolve at the cultural, organizational and individual levels and how these affect access to economic resources and opportunities. My current research projects use quantitative methods and analyze restricted-access data from the French Census, organizational level data collected in the field as well as data on venture funding from VentureXpert.

I hold a PhD in Business Administration from Duke University, an MBA from ESSEC Business School and a Master’s Degree in Environmental and Energy Economics from IFP School. Prior to joining Fuqua’s Doctoral Program, I worked as a sustainability consultant for EY in Paris.