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Nathan (Nate) Plageman

Nate Plageman is a historian of Africa interested in the dynamics of social and cultural change in colonial and postcolonial urban Ghana.  Nate grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska and attended St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota.  It was during a study abroad program to Ghana that he first began to appreciate the richness and complexities of African history.  After a brief… Read more →

Janet J. Ewald

Janet Ewald

My specialty in the history of Africa has led me, in both my teaching and research, to explore how Africans participated in the major currents of world history since about 1700. My first book Soldiers, Traders, and Slaves: State Formation and Economic Transformation in the Greater Nile Valley, 1700-1885 uses oral traditions as well as written sources to reconstruct how… Read more →