Ode Ogede

Ode Ogode

Ode Ogode is a professor of English and Mass Communications at the North Carolina Central University.

He is currently writing a book which deals, principally in English, with a study of an All-Women's ritual in an African community and a book-length appraisal of New writing from Nigeria. His published books include Helping Students to Write Successful Paper Titles (2013), Intertextuality in Contemporary African Literature (2011), Achebe's Things Fall Apart: Reader's Guide (2007), Achebe and the Politics of Representation (2001), Ayi Kwei Armah, Radical Iconoclast (2000), Art, Society, and Performance: Igede Praise Poetry (1997), and Teacher Commentary on Student Papers: Conventions, Beliefs, and Practices, ed., (2002).

His articles and reviews appear regularly in journals world-wide, and he is a contributor to The Cambridge History of African and Caribbean Literature (CUP, 2004), Traditional Storytelling Today (Routledge, 1999), The Encyclopedia of World Fiction (Wiley, 2010), Literature in Northern Nigeria, the Gale/Cengage Learning Press Black Literature Criticism, Contemporary Literary Criticism, and Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism.