Epsilon +

Fun activities

  • A field trip to NC Museum of Art
  • A field trip to Duke Lemur Center
  • Meeting with Duke Admissions
  • A panel discussion on How to prepare for college applications?
  • Duke campus tour Campus Map
  • Movie night!!
  • A picnic at Sarah Duke garden
  • Having a lunch with Duke Math faculty
  • Water melon/ice cream party with Duke female math circle
  • Seasonal activities in the Durham area
  • Cards Construction

Some readings

  • The Usefulness of Useless Knowledge
  • A Mathematician’s Apology
  • Mathematics without apologies: Portrait of a Problematic Vocation
  • How to bake π
  • Math with Bad Drawings
  • Beyond Infinity

Have you wondered…

  • Which number do you like better, π or e? Why?
  • The area of a triangle is a half of its base times height. Can you prove this without a word?
  • Think of wooden puzzles involving tessellations, both of the Euclidean and the hyperbolic plane (e.g. puzzles related to M.C. Escher’s paintings).
  • Are there different infinities? How many different infinities do we have?
  • Why do topologists get donuts and coffee cups confused?
  • My brother’s brother is my brother, but my father’s father is not my father, right?
  • How would Martians add if they had only 7 fingers?