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Activity 5: Movie Possibilities–Delivering the Goods; And the Band Played On

Delivering the Goods
(1 hr 52 min)
“At the dawn of the 21st century, we can prevent, treat or cure most of the deadliest diseases known to humankind—and yet millions die needlessly every year because the benefits of modern medicine and public health fail to reach them. What are the obstacles to providing care to populations in need? From the villages of the Gambia to the cities and towns of Thailand, from the sun-scorched refugee camps of Chad to the teeming streets of Bangladesh—this episode chronicles innovative health programs and charismatic leaders who, against all odds, are Delivering the Goods to millions of individuals—and inspiring a new vision for the future of global health.”

And the Band Played On
(2 hrs 20 min, rated PG-13)
“A real-life drama about the tragic, time-consuming battles among government agencies, gay groups and scientists that impeded the discovery of, and research on, the AIDS virus. Gay leader Bill Kraus is dying — and no doctor can name the disease that’s killing him. All anyone knows is that some epidemic is attacking homosexual men. But rather than get down to serious experimentation and study, the Center for Disease Control stonewalls any effort to prove that the disease is transmitted through the blood; French and American scientists squabble about who should get credit for discovering the virus; and the gay community, sensitive about criticism of their lifestyle, refuses to admit that their own actions could make a difference in the spread of AIDS. Meanwhile, the death toll mounts… and mounts… and mounts…”