Global Work

United States and South East Asia Climate Patterns

hours: 40
supervisor: Dr. Shineng Hu
August 2021 - January 2022

As a junior, I was given the opportunity to direct research on my own project related to a topic I’m passionate about. The aim of my work is finding patterns between weather patterns in the US warming hole and in East Asia, both areas experiencing potentially analogous climate abnormalities. To do this, I am manipulating and visualizing NASA’s open source observational data sets. This project is international in scope, and has helped me develop both technical and soft skills. Climate change is a huge phenomenon that has and will continue to affect the way we live. It holds consequences for our living habits and structures, and likewise responds to our actions. One particular aspect I’m looking at with a partner project is the effect of aerosols and greenhouse gases on past climate trends—factors that are a direct result of our infrastructure.

Sample Data Visualization of Temperature Change