Sunny Li

hello world!  and welcome to my GCS profile.

NAE Grand Challenges for Engineering

The National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenges for Engineering are a collection of 14 of the world’s greatest challenges for improving life through engineering in the 21st century. These broad challenges address many of humanity’s most current concerns, with topics spanning across sustainability, quality of life, and human health and welfare.

…Why GCS?

The infrastructure of our society is what ties together our lives, and I’m fascinated by the ways our built environment reacts, influences, and is affected by our actions. As such, it’s easy to see how I was drawn to my particular Grand Challenge focus: Restoring and Improving Urban Infrastructure. Becoming a GCS scholar would mediate an interdisciplinary interaction with a topic that I care deeply about, and I’m constantly seeking out opportunities to become better-equipped to tackle a problem that I’m passionate about.