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Cowling, CL, AL Homayouni, JB Callwood, MR McReynolds, J Khor, H Ke, MA Draves, K Dehesh, JW Walley, LC Strader, and DR Kelley (2024)  ZmPILS6 is an auxin efflux carrier required for maize root morphogenesis. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 121:e2313216121.

Kohler, AR, A Scheil, JL Hill, JR Allen, J Al-Haddad, C Goeckeritz, LC Strader, FW Telewski, CA Hollender (2024)  Defying Gravity: WEEP promotes negative gravitropism in Prunus persica by establishing asymmetric auxin gradients.  Plant Physiology, in press. bioRxiv: 2023.05.26.542472; doi:

Homayouni, AL, S Damodaran, K Schreiber, M Michniewicz, LK Gunther, and LC Strader (2024) ABCC10 is a transporter of the auxin precursor indole 3-butyric acid.

Allen, JR, M Flanagan, S Pathak, SK Emenecker, RJ Emenecker, and LC Strader (2024)  An Improved Toolkit of Gateway- and Gibson Assembly-Compatible Vectors for Protoplast Transfection and Agrobacterium-Mediated Plant Transformation.
Available at Research Square:

Theisen, F, A Prestel, S Elkjær, Y Leurs, N Morffy, L Strader, C O’Shea, K Teilum, B Kragelund, and K Skriver (2024) Molecular switching in transcription through splicing and proline-isomerization regulates stress responses in plants. Nature Communications, in press.
Available at Research Square:

Strader, LC and JD Cohen (2024)  An auxin research odyssey: 1989-2024.  Plant Cell, in press.


Prigge, MJ, N Morffy, A de Neve, W Szutu, MJ Abraham-Juárez, K Johnson, N Do, M Lavy, S Hake, LC Strader, M Estelle, AE Richardson (2023)  Comparative mutant analyses reveal a novel mechanism of ARF auxin signalling component regulation in land plants.

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Cowling, CL, AL Homayouni, JB Callwood, MR McReynolds, J Khor, H Ke, MA Draves, K Dehesh, JW Walley, LC Strader, and DR Kelley (2023)  ZmPILS6 is an auxin efflux carrier required for maize root morphogenesis.

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Damodaran, S and LC Strader (2023)  Mechanisms governing competence for cell reprogramming in Arabidopsis adventitious root formation.
Available at SSRN:

Emenecker, RJ, J Cammarata, I Yuan*, C Howard, S Ebrahimi Haghani, HS Robert, E Nambara, and LC Strader (2023)  Abscisic acid biosynthesis is necessary for full auxin effects on hypocotyl elongation. Development 150(23):dev202106. (*undergraduate author)

Jing, H, X Yang, RJ Emenecker, J Feng, J Zhang, AS Holehouse, LC Strader, and J Zuo (2023)  Nitric oxide-mediated S-nitrosylation of IAA17 protein in intrinsically disordered region  represses auxin signaling. Journal of Genetics and Genomics 50:473-485.

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2011 and prior publications

Strader, LC, DL Wheeler*, SE Christensen, JC Berens*, JD Cohen, RA Rampey, and B Bartel (2011)  Multiple facets of Arabidopsis seedling development require indole-3-butyric acid-derived auxin.  The Plant Cell 23:984-999.  (*undergraduate authors)

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