My So Called Digital Life

In this post I have collected a few things which some people might find useful. They are essentially all of the  computer tools and resources I use at work.

  • Zotero is a great document/pdf/paper storage tool. It auto uploads from mathscinet and many journal web pages. It also scraps the info from modern PDF files. It syncs across all of my machines and works offline. Lastly, it outputs bibtex entries though I use this less.
  • owncloud is how I sync my basic files across my computers. It is hosted at Duke math so there are no privacy issues. It is like our own personal dropbox.
  • Git is a version control software. I use it for collaborating on papers and computer code. We host a simple web interface to maintain ones git repositories called Gitlab.
  • LibX is a plugin for searching the Duke libraries.
  • To maintain mailing lists I use the sympa server run by duke. This way people add/remove themselves.
  • Duke runs its own wordpress server. That is how this site is hosted as well as my collection of probability problems which I give as homework. It contains both undergraduate and graduate level problems. Anyone can ask for a site (with the name of your choosing – assuming it is available).
  • Here are the three LaTex letterhead style files I use at Duke.


That is basically it these days.

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