LaTex Letterheads for Duke Math

There are two different letterhead style files I use to write official letters in Latex.  The first is a black and while version written long ago. This version should be on most of the math department computers. The second is a color version written by Ezra Miller. I use the second one. I also now have a digital version of my signature which I keep in a file called “sig.pdf”. See the exampleEzra.tex file included in the version written by Ezra. The third is an old school gothic letterhead. My understanding is that Ezra uses this one.


  • Black and White historic Letterhead. Use “pdflatex example.tex” to generate the example file.
  • Color letterhead by Ezra Miller.   Use “pdflatex exampleEzra.tex” to generate the example file. Edit file to uncomment lines  around “sig.pdf” at the end to include a signature. Of course you have to make your own sig.pdf. (For obvious reasons you cant use ours.)
  • Gothic leaterhead by Ezra Miller.
  • Some Interesting logos used By Ingrid.



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