Gitlab at Duke Math

I am now using gitlab to manage my git accounts. I used to use gitolite. I liked it very much, but the department wanted others to use git and gitlab is better to allow the entire department  access.

To use gitlab you have to set up our account.  Follow the steps below to set up your account.

  1. you should have gotten an email  from gitlab. If you lost it, you can just follow this link and say that you forgot your password. It will put you through the steps to get a new one mailed to you.
  2. Once loged it go to this page to up load your ssh key. The ssh key is on the driectory ~/.ssh and is usually in a file called
  3.  You are now ready to use gitlab. See this page for a description of using it for math everywhere. And look at this page for a description of commands one typically uses.

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