Duke University

  • POLSCI 745 Political Economy Core.  [Syllabus]
  • POLSCI 748 Introduction to Causal Inference 
    Theory and practice of causal inference in the social sciences, introduces basic concepts, such as counterfactuals and identification. Introduces the formal frameworks of potential outcomes and graphical models (DAGs). Covers experiments (in the lab and the field), and various regression-based approaches.
  • POLSCI 146 Politics and Economics
    Politics is about choices that affect the distribution of gains and losses, and about societal and political conflicts surrounding them. Course analyzes how political and economic forces shape: (1) Historical origins, such as the industrial revolution, slavery, and the birth of the modern welfare state; (2) Macro-economic policies, such as the taxation of capital, public spending and debt; and (3) Redistributive policies, such as welfare programs, unemployment and health insurance, and the minimum wage.
  • POLSCI 733 Advanced Regression
    Theory and practice of likelihood inference for social science models, spanning binary, nominal, ordinal, count, and continuous random variables. Estimation, interpretation, and presentation of results will also be emphasized.

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