The Timeline

Detailing the Conflict in Sudan

Instructions: Hover mouse over the bottom bar on the timeline and select to show individual events. Click Chart or List form for different viewing options. Links in event titles provide sources.


My timeline plots two things: Events surrounding the conflict on the border and the international response to those events. In order to track the events over the past year, I compiled information from news archives. I used reports from the New York Times, the Enough Project, the Satellite Sentinel Project, and the UN News Center, among others.¬†During certain parts of the year, one can see “clusters” of events on the timeline. I found these clusters to be interesting because they usually contained increasing levels of violence, and an increase in international attention.

In order to track the international response, I compiled official statements on the conflict from the White House, US State Department, and UN Secretary-General. I included these elements to show the correlation between more violent times in Sudan and increasing international attention, as well as the point that these acts of violence are seen as individual instances and not as part of a larger conflict.

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