Lunch during the Conference

There are a number of venues for lunch during the conference. A map with many options can be found here. The official listing of which places are open during spring break is here. The eateries in the Bryan Center just announced they will be closed for renovation during spring break (contrary to what they have been saying all year!).

We now suggest you try: (click for location on duke map or see GOOGLE MAP)

Dinner Options

There are many good restaurant options in town.  A map with a number of recommended locations can be found here.  A guide discussing Durham can be found here.

Breakfast and Coffee

a number of hotels have very good options. Especially the Kings Daughter’s inn. There are also a number of locations on campus for a scone and coffee. See the map here for many of the options in town or on campus.


A list of place to here music or have a drink can be found on this map and again in the Durham City guide.