Getting Around SSP

Duke has two main campuses. The smaller (Georgian style) East campus is near downtown. The larger (Gothic style) west, with its iconic chapel, is the location of the mathematics department and the conference.   All activities Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are in the French Family Science Building (named after Melinda French Gates). The Saturday activities are in the Physics/Mathematics Building. The two building are right next to each other and both on Science Drive near the Bryan Center and Parking deck IV.


From the Hotels to SSP

Most of the hotels we have suggested, with the exception of the Washington Duke Inn and The Millennium Hotel, are near downtown Durham and  Duke’s east campus.

  • The Marriott Downtown runs shuttle buses  on a first come first to  Duke. They will bring you right to the conference location. They have been alerted that there will be a number of people wanting to come to West Campus. You need to request at the front desk. If you are interested in a nice walk, the hotel is about a 15-20min walk from East Campus. See the directions bellow.
  • The King’s Daughters Inn is directly across from East Campus. We will send a few cars there in the morning to pick people up. Alternatively, it is a 3 min walk from the Bus stop for the East/West Bus.  See the directions bellow.
  • The Duke Towers has a shuttle bus which can take 14 people over. It normally is $2 per trip. We have arranged for one Pre-paid trip in the morning and afternoon.  We will also send some cars by to pick people up.  Alternatively, it is  a 5-10min walk from east campus. From there you can follow the direction bellow.
  • The Washington Duke Inn and Hotel is very near west campus. It is a pleasant 10min walk to the conference. They also have a shuttle.
  • The Millennium Hotel is near West Campus. This about a 10-15 min walk along the road to campus. The also have a shuttle (which is recommended over walk).


Getting from East to West
on the Bus

There are very regular buses between Duke East and Duke West (approximately every 10 min). The most direct during break bus is the “C-2 East/Ceneral/West bus (map)“.  It takes 15min to get go between west and east. One terminus is at the traffic circle on East campus and the other is by the chapel on West Campus. The conference is a short walk through the woods behind the chapel (Head to the right of the chapel). The C-2 bus is the best to take, but  other options also exist.


Parking at Duke

There is a parking deck across the street from the conference which is called Parking Garage IV . It costs $2 per hour with  maximum daily charge of $12.  A number of spots have been reserved for the conference; however, not enough for everyone to drive individually. If you choose to drive, please they to bring a few people with you. If that lot should fill up there are a number of other lots you can park at which are farther from the conference (details coming).