Given that the ACC tournament  is going one, I have listed a few placed to watch the game. With the sudents on spring break, you will be mainly hanging with the townies.

On campus (the 12 noon game):

  • Twinnies and good but limited sandwich selection but  has a TV.
  • The Loop is a burger, salad and pizza place also has a TV.
  • There are a number of TVs in the Bryan Center near Au Bon Pain.

I will be at Tyler’s Taproom  by 7pm to watch the Duke/Turtle game.  Tyler’s if directly cross form the restaurant where were will be having the conference dinner.  It also has reasonable pub food if you wish to eat there.

Other places

  •  Tobacco Road a ritzi sports bar. Looks out on the Durham Bulls ball park and is near Tyler’s and the banquet dinner. Scene: button downs and kayaks
  • Bull McCabes place where I often watch games. No large screens, but a nice mix of people.
  • Satisfactions. Big screens, bad pizza, cheep beer. Mix of locals and students.
  • Motorco and Fullsteam : local rock club and brewery. Foodtruck scene. Motorco is showing the games in the garage. This is where I would go tonight if not for SSP :-).
  • Divines Local place. A bit down and out, but authentic if nothing else.
  • Alivia’s: often puts up a large screen for games. Food can be ok, but uneven.
  • The Federal : always has the game on if you want to watch while talking and hanging out and eating good food.