My research is comprised of two complementary interests: a substantive focus on public opinion and voting behavior and a methodological focus on the design, implementation, and analysis of surveys and survey experiments.

A PDF version of my CV can be downloaded here.



Hillygus, D. Sunshine, and Steven A. Snell. “Longitudinal Surveys: Issues and Opportunities.” Forthcoming in The Oxford University Press Handbook on Polling and Polling Methods, ed. Michael Alvarez and Lonna Atkeson. Published online at

Karpowitz, Christopher F., J. Quin Monson, Kelly D. Patterson, Lindsay Nielson, and Steven Snell. 2011.“Political Norms and the Private Act of Voting.” Public Opinion Quarterly 75(4):659-685.

Working papers

Partisan Flocks: The Relationship Between Congregational Norm and Vote Choice” (under review)

“Moving Beyond Religious Tradition: The Political Diversity of American Congregations”

“Does Stigmatized Social Risk Lead to Denialism? Results from a Survey Experiment on Race, Risk Perception, and Health Policy in the United States” (with Y. Dunham and E. Lieberman, under review)

Quién vota?: Reevaluating the Impact of Socioeconomic Variables on Turnout in Latin America” (with Y. Gonzaléz, under review)

The Nitty Gritty: The Unexplored Role of Grit and Perseverance in Political Participation” (with D. S. Hillygus and J.B. Holbein, under review)

“The People in Your Neighborhood: How Political Minority Status Affects Political Participation” (with C. F. Karpowitz, J. Q. Monson, L. D. Nieslon, and K. D. Patterson)

In progress

“Bees to Honey or Flies to Manure? How the Usual Subject Recruitment Exacerbates the Shortcomings of Non-Representative Samples”

“Rethinking the Standard Measures of Church Attendance”

“Do we Like Them?: Exploring the Determinants of Political Consumerism.”

“Picking Politics at Church: Who Uses Political Criteria to Select a Congregation?”“Do Strict Churches Make Better Citizens?”