Digital Imaging

Designs from students in “Digital Imaging”, based on different projects from the spring semester.

Caroline Breaux, Lizzie Butcher, Gabbe Cadoux, Greta Chen, Jeremy Chen, Miriam Cho, Mitchell Fleszar-Friedman, Wil Hoyle IV, Yura Lee, Sujal Manohar, Brina Melton, Mackenzie Pluck, Daniela Schneider, Anni Yan, Sarah Yu.

Great Chen
Jeremy Chen
Sujal Manohar
Brina Melton


Daniela Schneider
Anni Yan
Caroline Breaux
Sarah Yu
Mitchell Fleszar-Friedman
Wil Hoyle IV
Gabbe Cadoux
Caroline Breaux
Yura Lee
Miriam Cho

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