Minor 2 Major

by Justin Bellinger.

Minor 2 Major is symbolic to my pursuit of making Major League Baseball only to switch gears towards a major equivalent in music, which to me is having people enjoy, like, and support, my art. This album consists of 5 tracks titled and described in order following:

1. Long Road – This track is my intro track because it displays a heartfelt song that takes me through time and my journey in life so far. To me it has most certainly been a long road. I have met so many amazing people along the way and have them to thank for the constant support. This song acoustically has a few pianos, orchestral elements, drums, and some scenic properties of a car chase followed by my track tag which is quote, “I’m tired of treasure hunting.” This comes from an old movie and was selected because I myself want to metaphorically get the gold that I have been working long and hard for. It is an expression of my feelings towards my current position in life.

2. Determined – After a slower song, I decided to introduce my upbeat style of design to the album. This heavy orchestral piece was designed to bring all the energy needed to rock the house. I used many different filters to control the movement during the track.

3. Smoke – This is the combination of one of my studio’s producers Jontana and myself. After completing the musical melodic elements, Jontana selected and designed the drum kit and pattern throughout the song. This simple western style beat can be considered a simple trap/hip hop/rap beat, very multi purposeful.

4. Dragon’s Keep (Far Away) – As you listen, you will be transported to a far off place where the beast lies close to the princess awaiting the arrival of the knight. This composition brings together some carefully crafted vocal pieces rivaled with a killer bassline and punching drum patterns.

5. Luxury – After the dragon is defeated (success is achieved in regards to my personal goals), the riches pour down, and a new “Luxury” is discovered. I wrote this piece to remind me of summer and the warmth and wealth of the mind, body and soul.

This album cover is my dream view, one day to come true, never if, just when, and when the music stops, R.I.P. Nip Juice Biggie n Pac.

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