by Brina Melton.

Let’s Talks Food
Since the start of quarantine, I’ve spent many days and nights recreating old recipes, as well as trying out new ones. With no much to do besides sleep and study, cooking has quickly become one of my favorite hobbies.

This book has been carefully crafted to feature 7 of my favorite pasta recipes.
Growing up in an Italian-American household, it’s no wonder that pasta is my favorite food. My mother taught me how to make sauce at a young age, and I’ve been active in the kitchen ever since. Sundays are our traditional sauce days, but the days in-between are often filled with pesto, arrabiata, burro, alfredo – the list goes on an on.

The ingredients are simple, but the results are incredible.
I hope that you’ll take the time to try some of these recipes out on your own. So grab a glass of wine and set the water to boil…

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