by Diane Hu and Mindy Wu.


In this enchanting underwater scene situated on the bottom of the ocean floor, several characters surround a glowing structure of ruby-pink crystals, reminiscent of an ancient life force. A family of blue whales, a school of clownfish, a school of moorish idols, and luminescent jellyfish approach the crystal centerpiece, and the water glows from all the combined light. If you look closely, you might be able to spot the tiny, baby jellyfish wandering closer to the crystals. Closer to the base of the crystals, some purple sea urchins stand their ground in the shadows. The entire scene sits in the corner of a grotto, with the light bouncing off the rocky surfaces. Even in the deep, dark depths of this fantasy ocean world, where blue whales are not that much larger than clownfish and crystals glow on their own, life provides a source of light and comfort—an underwater beacon of hope.

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