The Seven Day Look Book

by Mackenzie Pluck.


This final project explores fashion trends and color schemes that evolve throughout the seven days in a week. This “Seven Day Look Book” is similar to a creative infographic in which it explores the detail of each outfit presented throughout a given week. The structures of the models were developed in Procreate and edited in Photoshop. Each individual rendering was fully created and edited in Photoshop. This project was super fun for me because I love keeping up with what is “in style” and how I can add my own individualistic twist. A lot of the inspiration I used for each outfit came from certain blogs and accounts I follow on social media. Each outfit was planned to associate with the specific day of the week. Written on each page is the day in which the outfit represents and the detail of the style and why someone would want to wear it for that specific day.

In terms of the composition of each page, I wanted to keep the layout consistent, with the placement of the model, plant, and text. However, I would make subtle changes in the angle of the foreground as well as the standing position of each model. I wanted to keep the color scheme softer in tones, but still have a diverse selection throughout the week. The freedom we had to create anything we wanted in the form of a seven day cycle, really pushed me to my hobbies and allowed me to experiment with actual model drawing as well as book design. I hope when someone looks through this project that they not only appreciate the simplicity of the booklet, but they will actually gain inspiration for outfit ideas and want to wear what I had created.




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