Service in our community

1) Hosted a lunch at the Women’s Center of Wake County

The Women’s Center of Wake County (WCWC)’s mission is to prevent and end homelessness for women and their families. They have been working in the area for over 40 years and have helped over 15,000 women. They provide a number of services, such as donating food and clothing, providing financial counseling, and health services.


SPEAK volunteers hosted a meal for approximately 35 women. We planned and prepared a meal offsite and transported it there. During the meal, we organized and served food and visited with the center’s patrons. It was a wonderful afternoon!


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Events in the works:

2) Construction/Repair work with the Habitat for Humanity of Durham

Habitat for Humanity of Durham is our local branch of a global non-profit seeking to build and repair homes for anyone in need of decent housing. Since their inception in 1976, they have built, renovated, or repaired over 600,000 houses sheltered more than 3 million people worldwide. Their Durham location has been helping the community since 1985. Volunteer opportunities are typically geared around general construction roles, but vary by what tasks are most needed at each session.


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3) Assist a Professional Development Workshop with StepUp Durham

StepUp Durham’s mission is to assist unemployed and desperate residents of the community. 16.3% of people in Durham are living below the poverty level, well-above the national average of 12.3%.  StepUp Durham’s main service is to provide extensive professional workshops that develop job and life-skills. In doing so, they hope to provide each client with the tools needed to find and keep stable jobs. 77% of their graduates have gone on to find a job and begin earning an income.


SPEAK volunteers will assist with one of their Employment Readiness Workshop.  These workshops are designed to assist disadvantaged members of the community “develop the skills necessary to obtain and maintain employment”. There are numerous roles available, such as resume editing, hosting mock interviews, data entry, and providing meals. Volunteers may also be asked to donate any old and unused professional clothing to clients.


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