Down to the Nasher Storage

Take a look at our extended gallery, filled with some Mayan art pieces that we were unable to use in our personal galleries! These are some of our favorite images from this project 🙂

All three of us had a memorable time while passing through the hundreds of art pieces representing a variety of Mesoamerican cultures held at the Nasher Museum at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. We were extremely excited to have access to objects that shared a special type of history with us, opening our eyes to the power of these works to give insight into these greater civilizations. Our largest frustration lay within our inability to tangibly touch the pieces, as we wanted to connect more intimately with each and every object. We had such a positive experience during this process, and while we send our appreciation to everyone with whom we interacted, we specifically want to send our gratitude to Dr. Marianne Eileen Wardle for introducing us to our art pieces, guiding us through the process of creating art labels, and providing all sorts of helpful information along the way.